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Learning Log- Digtial Dossier Reflection

October 27, 2011

Wow! This was eye opening. This topic allowed me to see how easy it was to leave behind a digital footprint without even trying to do so. I see that everything that you post on the web, including this, is now open to everyone once you hit send, post, or publish. This will have a huge impact on the generations to come, especially in their youth. High School-age students are just now becoming aware of how their actions impact others and their future in reality, now they need to understand the impact in cyber space. With some parents becoming more preoccupied with success, a volatile mixture is churning that could end poorly for the student. Students need to be educated about how their use of the internet must occur responsibly. They need be know how to become a Digital Citizen and see how their actions carry on. To provide this education students should be exposed to examples of correct and incorrect forms of Digital Citizenship. We can all actively participate on the internet, but we just need to know how.


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