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Classroom Blogs

October 28, 2011

Classroom Blogs


purpose of the blogs:  The 6SS@NIST blog is created by students as a homework assignment each night.  It appears that the topics change each night but are continuously centered on cultural issues.  Students are given the assignments and fulfill them each night by either researching or posting questions to other students.

types of posts:  The posts are written by students to fulfill requirements set forth by the teacher.  They often include pictures and some videos.  They suggest ways to solve cultural problems and bring awareness to issues around the world.

education value:  This blog certainly brings about cultural awareness by requiring students to post comment, research events, and pose questions.  This type of blog would require students to continuously check in on the information while being outside the classroom.


purpose of the blogs:  The purpose behind this blog is to provide information to parents and other students.  The blog is acting as a clearly informative piece to allow students to know what is happening in the school and across all grade levels.  Parents could use this blog to keep tabs on what their child is learning.

types of posts:  The posts are mostly written by students in the form of articles that report on what has happened across multiple grade levels.  This appears to be more informative in nature.  Scattered throughout the blogs are a few videos that were taken in the school during projects to show students/parents what is happening.

education value:  The value of this blog is to keep students and parents is to know what is happening within the school.  To an educator this blog would provide insight into lateral planning and to display growth across grade levels.


purpose of the blogs:  The purpose of this blog is to share new ideas with other educators in different forms.  When paging through the blog I saw three different ways of communicating to other teachers; videos, Glogster posters, and animoto presentations.  I think that this teacher chooses to use the various modes of communicating information to exhibit the uses of these resources as well as providing an entertainment.  The writing in this blog is also directed to parents of the students in the classroom.  It appears that a parent would log on to the blog and look at what the class did that day.

types of posts:  as I mentioned earlier the teacher chooses to use various modes of delivery.  The teacher updates nearly everyday to keep all who are following well informed about what is going on.

education value:  The value in this blog is two fold.  I feel that other educators can use the methods that are used by this teacher within their own classroom.  Furthermore, parents have a continuous way of overseeing what is happening in their child’s education.  With this knowledge parents can further their child’s education at home.

My evaluation:  I believe these blogs would be successful in each of their purposes.  The main problem with incorporating something like this is to consistently dedicate time on it.  Once something like this becomes routine the students will automatically do the work and will be looking for it.  Out of each of the blogs I feel that the most useful would be the elementary school blog.  I like how there are multiple modes of delivery to keep the information interesting and I appreciate how it is use as a tool to keep everyone in the loop.  I would utilize the blog exactly how the teacher did.  I would use it to update each day and try to use different modes to really capture the spirit of the class.


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