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Educator Blogs

October 28, 2011

Educator Blogs

Teacher Tom

Purpose of the blog

This blog is written in a way that parents would read it as a chronicle of how their child develops within the teacher’s classroom.  Within the blog there are pictures embedded to show the activities that are occurring.  In my eyes this blog is used to keep in touch with parents to relay information about their young child’s progress.  The writer also takes time to explain some of the difficulties that he has met within the classroom.  He asks for advice on how to cope.

Type of posts

The posts occur on a regular basis and are written for adults to read.  The author regularly uses metaphor to explain student development and how their learning takes place.

Mr. Robbo, the PE geek

Purpose of the blog

This blog is used to showcase the incorporation of technology into the creator’s classroom.  In each of the posting a different type of technology is in the spotlight and used to provide an example of how it can be utilized to further a student’s appreciation of the PE class as well as a new way to provide assessment.  I see how this blog could be used to show parents their student’s progress within the class as well as provide challenging ways to have students take the concepts learned in class outside the school.

Type of posts

This post includes embedded YouTube videos taken from the class, screen shots from devices that are being used to further student learning outside the classroom, and links to apps that are used within the classroom to analyze student activity.

The Nerdy Teacher

Purpose of the blog

This blog is designed to provide teachers and parents a variety of ways to further their student’s education.  The author provides links to internet contests as well as tips for providing a variety of classroom lecture.  The blog also reviews various educational tools to provide best classroom use hints for other educators.

Type of posts

The posts provided for this blog are in the form of written review with links relating to the post.  The posts are written to inform the reader of available material.

My preference:  I personally like the nerdy PE teachers blog.  I think this blog uses new and innovative ways to revive PE class.  I think this teacher does a great job of showing students that PE is more than just playing different sports and is a study how the human body works and responds.  I think the way that this is done is highly effective.

How can I incorporate blogs in my classroom?

When examining the variety of blogs and how they are used in the context of education I believe that I would use a classroom blog to update parents on student progress.  I feel that this would serve several purposes in and out of the classroom.  One of the greatest outcomes of this would be transparency with parents.  Parents would constantly be updated with what is happening in the classroom.  Another positive attribute would be that students would see this openness between teacher and parent, resulting in a realization that we are working in unison towards the goal of education.  A third advantage of this would be that absent students would be constantly in the “know” about what happened while they were out of the classroom.

How would I encourage others to try blogs?

To encourage others to try blogs I would pilot my blogging plan to work out the major problems.  Then, organize what was done into a process which could be easily imitated.  Finally, I would show the outcome of using blogs within the classroom and how they eliminate problems like lack of communication and goals.

How would I use them for PD?

In a professional development sense I would post new ideas and projects from myself and other teachers.  This would provide a central location where other educators could take ideas and make suggestions on how to improve the posts.  I feel that this could be a great way to initiate professional collaboration.


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