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Learning Log- Module 1

November 6, 2011

Our objectives to the first module were clearly set out.

  • Collaborate with others improve teaching practices using the NETS standards for teachers.
  • Articulate and model the responsibilities of digital citizenship regarding intellectual freedom, intellectual property, and the right to privacy
  • Use current and emerging technologies to communicate information to other members of the school community.

Through this module I feel that I have a better understanding as a result of accomplishing these objectives.  I was able to become more familiar with the technology standards that are starting to become implemented.  These standards are being implemented to have struggling schools follow a standard that allows a seamless transition for their students who choose to further their education.

The copyright portion of this module was enlightening to me because it provided the material for me to understand the significance of copyright material and fair use of material.  This deeper understanding gives me the basis to better inform and distinguish the fair use of material for my students.

Finally, this module allows me to keep current and try new technologies to better communicate information with my students and their parents.  We all know or will soon know how difficult it is to keep student’s attention along with provide clear lines of communication with parents.  The blogging technology allows for this both to happen simultaneously.


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