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Learning Log-Flickr Galleries

November 17, 2011

I personally am not a fan of Flickr.  I think it is a uni-tasking application.  However if my arm was twisted hard enough I would use it to provide examples for elements and compounds.  The gallery that I have created is based off of that idea.  There are several photos of pure elements and some compounds.  This would lead the class into a discussion about the differences between the two and the hierarchy in chemistry.


Flickr Link


SC.CHI.55.02      Students will determine the chemical formulas for inorganic molecular and ionic compounds. (CS 4.12.3*, CLG 4.4.1*)

SC.CHI.55.02.a         When given elements/ions

SC.CHI.55.02.b         When given the compound name (including: elements with multiple oxidation states; polyatomic ions, binary and ternary acids; and hydrates)

SC.CHI.55.03      Students will analyze chemical formulas.

SC.CHI.55.03.a         Determine the type and number of atoms represented by a given formula (CS 4.12.3*, CLG 4.2.5*)

SC.CHI.55.03.b         Differentiate between empirical and molecular formulas

SC.CHI.55.03.c         Recognize the standard uses of empirical and molecular formulas (e.g. empirical formulas should be used to represent ionic compounds)


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