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Learning Log- School Improvement in the 21st Century

December 13, 2011

When I read through this portion of the module I could help but be skeptical.  There are so many hurdles that would need to be overcome in order to meet the requirements set forth by this plan.  Lets take my Honors Chemistry class.  There are 34 students in this class so from the start I would need 34 computers to ensure that students are being assessed on their ability.  Then, I need a place to store the computer and the bandwidth to support the streaming video and podcasts that are part of 21st century learning.  Now that this is happening I will need to simultaneously provide oversight on each student surfing the internet while replying to specific questions from students and steering the collaboration in the right direction.  Finally, near the end of the block the students need to be informally assessed to see what misconceptions are out there to ensure that they are corrected the next day.  Does this sound functional with a class of 34?  The plan sounds great, I would have loved to learn this way.  But, there are fundamental flaws that need to be fixed in the system.  In the end students need to gain knowledge in the subject area.  How they do it is still up for debate and there is no doubt in my mind that technology will always be a big part of it.  Sooner or later there will be a realization that we need to fix the logistal bugs in the system before we advance.


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