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Learning Log- Assessing Digital Content

December 14, 2011

Using rubrics is one of the great ways to assess any type of content.  Rubrics allow you to weight different areas of the content as you see fit while allowing students the knowledge of what you are looking for and to the extent they need to complete the work.  I use rubric most commonly on laboratory reports.  This way the students get an idea about what I am looking for.  Another area where I like to use rubrics is for any type of project.  I choose to use them here for the same reason.  I completely support using rubrics in assessing digital content.  When  completing a project the students can use it like a checklist to cross off tasks as they complete them.  I feel that this is the most transparent way to communicate a grade to a student.  The key to using a rubric correctly is to make it available to student before or at the start of the assignment.  This just provides more clarity and less surprises for students work with.


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